5 Crafting Tools

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My 5 Must-Have Crafting Tools


From scrap booking to sewing, and all the crafts in between, I have developed quite the stash of tools and accessories to help make the job faster and easier. Today I wanted to share with you my must-haves when doing craft projects. None of them are earth-shattering, but maybe they will give you some new ideas for your own crafting projects. And as always, I opt for quality products, while still sticking to a tight budget.

1. Tombow Mono permanent adhesive (i.e. Glue Tape)

This just might be my all-time favorite paper crafting tool. If you have not found glue tape yet, you are missing out. Forget about glue sticks and white glue. Glue tape is archival quality, fast, permanent, and so easy to use…. just press down and drag the glue tape exactly where you want it to be sticky. I have used many other brands and ALWAYS come back to Tombow. They also make glue dot and non-permanent varieties , but I definitely prefer the permanent kind. It is a bit expensive ($9.99 for a 3 pack), but I always use my Michael’s 40% off coupon when I buy it to save money. You will not be sad you tried it!

2. X-acto Knife

I’m always surprised how often I use my x-acto knife. It is perfect for small, intricate cuts that scissors can’t get to. This is one tool that I don’t think you have to invest a lot of money in because simple gets the job done. Some come with special ergonomic handles or a wide range of blades for different materials, but honestly, my $6 x-acto knife has stood the test of time.

3. Paper Cutter

I use my paper cutter at least once a week, and sometimes much more. The beauty of the paper cutter is that it can be used for everyday tasks as well as different paper crafts. Since I have young children in the house, I like the safety of cutters with an enclosed blade rather than guillotine style cutters. I have had several paper cutters, but my favorites are those that have built-in rulers, are large enough to cut 12X12 pieces of paper, and have a way to see where you are cutting at both ends of the paper. I love the straight, precise cuts that cutters give, and you can’t beat how fast they are to use. 

4. Sewing Scissors

If you have ever tried cutting fabric with a dull pair of scissors, you know the pain! After years of sharing scissors with my kids, I have changed my ways. It is worth every penny to invest in a great pair of sewing scissors that is only used for fabric. One tip is to buy a very distinctive pair of scissors that is easy to identify for both you and the rest of the family. When everyone knows that they are special scissors, it will be easier to keep them wonderfully sharp. I bought a nice pair of Fiskars sewing scissors when they were on sale at Joann’s Fabric, and I love them. They are super bright and flowery, so no one else touches them and they still work great after several years!

5. Hot Glue Gun

I love my trusty glue gun. Nearly every craft I do uses hot glue at some point in the process. I have used many brands with great success, so I don’t have one that I absolutely prefer, but here are a few questions for you to consider when looking to buy a hot glue gun:

  • What size do you need?  Glue guns come in two main sizes. Regular glue guns use .43″ diameter glue sticks, and mini guns use .28″ diameter mini sticks. The size you need depends on the intricacy of the projects that you do and the rate of glue flow you need. I personally have both sizes of glue guns.
  • Do you need multiple temperature settings? High heat is best for materials like wood, metal, and glass, but low heat is better for most fabrics. If you use a glue gun on a wide range of projects, it might be best to go with a dual temperature gun.
  • Do you prefer corded or cordless? Once again, there is a trade off here. Cordless glue guns allow you to work on a project anywhere because they aren’t tied to the wall, but unfortunately, they may need to be charged in the middle of a project. 


There are many other tools that I use regularly, but these 5 are my bread and butter. They just make the crafty life so much better for me and hopefully for you too. Check out some of our fall crafts that use some of these tools. Happy Crafting!