Bows Made Easy

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Bows Made Easy

5 adorable bows as the perfect accessory

Bows can add a little pizzazz to any craft. I particularly enjoy bows because of the flair and femininity that they provide. I throw bows on so many things. I put them on purses, in my hair, on journals, notebooks wreaths not to mention for every single gift I give. I save loads of money on gift bows because I make my own, plus I feel like they are often better looking than ones that I have bought in the past. Here are 5 awesome bows that are super easy.


I could never count how many people have complained to me that they don’t know how to tie a pretty bow. It mostly involves practice, but the ugliest bow can look perfect with only a little tweaking, and patience. I used pictures to demonstrate the step by step process of making the this bow

Folded Double Bow

This one is very simple and can be as basic or as complex as you want it to be. One trick is to make sure that the shiny side is always on the topside. The way to do that is to twist the ribbon on the bottom of the bow so that the shiny side remains on the top.

Folded Triple Bow

I used lace with this bow, illustrating the different materials that can be used to make the bow. . You will need two pieces. 


Simple Flat Fold

I love this one because it is so elegant and cute, plus it is crazy simple.

Multilayered Bow

This one is stellar when it comes to covering large areas with thick ribbons. It would go well on a wreath, or in large flower arrangements. I made this one with smaller ribbon to show the versatility of the bow.

Looped Bow

This one is the best for thinner ribbon and adds something a little more delicate to the craft or project.

Ends of the Bows

There are a couple of ways to end the bows. The classic example is diagonally cut on each side. The most aesthetically pleasing way is to cut them so the longest point is at the middle of the bow.

The other is the cut out the centers of the ends out to form a ‘v’. It is made by folding the end in half and cutting the center of the ribbon diagonally to the edge of the ribbon.