Candy Bar Creations

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Candy Bar Creations

In our family, each of the young cousins gives a small gift to another cousin. These gifts are expected to be very inexpensive. It is definitely easier to just go to the store and buy a bunch of small presents, but this year I wanted my boys to take some time to create a personal gift. Obviously, since they are still young (ages 11, 8, and 4), the gift had to be very easy to make and flexible enough to allow for each boy’s own creativity. Candy bar creations are the perfect gifts in this situation.


Candy bar Creations can also be great to give to grandparents, parents, or friends. If you want to spend a little more money on a store bought gift, but still have that personal touch, simply have the kids make their candy bar creations, and then add them as a decoration on top of a wrapped present. This provides the best of both worlds and looks so cute when presented.

Making candy bar creations is super simple. Allow the kids to choose a candy bar. It can really be any candy bar, but some shapes work better, depending on the character or thing that they choose to make. 

We started with these three candy bars… all family favorites!

Next, have the kids decide what they would like to make out of the candy bars. The options are endless, and you can make these for any holiday or occasion. Since these are going to be Christmas gifts, I helped my boys choose something related to winter or Christmas: a Christmas tree, a reindeer, and a snowman. Other ideas could include Santa, an elf, a penguin, a sleigh, a present, etc. 

Once they have chosen a theme, pick a base color of paper that you will cut and wrap around the candy bar. For example, if you are creating a reindeer, use brown paper. Simply measure how tall the candy bar is and then cut a rectangle long enough that it will wrap all the way around. Put a little glue tape on the back to secure the paper to the candy bar.


Once you have the base layer ready to go, bring out the accessories and let your kids decorate to their heart’s content. Use buttons, paper, popsicle sticks, fabric, markers, or any other random crafting supply you might have. Let the kids have fun creating. I helped them when they needed hot glue gun to affix the trinkets to the candy bars, but other than that, they pretty much did them on their own. 


While you definitely want to help make sure that the candy bar creation looks like what it’s supposed to, be careful not to micro-manage too much (even when one son wants his snowman to have black teeth, and the other son puts random radio and turtle buttons on his Christmas tree)! The beauty of this gift is that it is created by your child with the recipient in mind. With a little encouragement, your child will become invested in the present and have so much fun giving it. What better thing for them to learn… giving can be more fun than receiving!


And that’s it! Once they have completed their masterpieces, add them atop another present or simply put a gift tag on, and you are ready to go. They turned out so adorable, and I know the recipients of these little candy bar creations will love them!