DIY Chalk Paint

by | Oct 20, 2018 | Crafts | 0 comments

Chalk paint is amazing for DIY crafts because it allows you to paint without priming and gives a rustic, easily stressed look. It is usually expensive to buy chalk paint, so why not make it yourself? Making the paint yourself will allow you to select any color you’d like, giving you more color freedom. Here is a super simple way to make that chalk paint you’ve been dying to use.


4TBSP paint of any color

1TBSP chalk paint additive

1tsp warm water

Step 1. Mix all ingredients together until chalk paint additive is completely mixed in without any chunks.

Ingredients for chalk paint

Mix chalk paint additive with paint


Step 2. Store in an air tight container

store chalk paint in an air tight container

There you have it. See, we told you it was simple! Chalk paint can be primarily used on furniture to give it a rustic or aged look. One of the biggest advantages is that you don’t need any primer before you paint. Good luck and comment below with your experience making chalk paint.