DIY Fall

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Crafts, Decorations | 0 comments

All About Fall

Ahhhh, my favorite season is finally here! There is something about Fall that makes my heart happy. The cooler temperatures, the crispness in the air, the changing colors, sweaters and boots, pumpkin flavored everything… I love it all! To celebrate the first day of Fall, I have three easy crafts that you can do to decorate your home. 

Wood Slice Pumpkins

Wood slices have become quite popular in crafting circles, and with a little paint and decoration, they make the cutest little pumpkins. I bought some wood slices from my local craft store. With my coupon, they cost me about $2 for the entire package.

I chose two colors of orange and painted the pumpkins. For the third pumpkin, I mixed the two colors together to create a new one. Next, I took the scales of a pinecone (bet you didn’t know that’s what they were called!) and glued them to the top of the wood slice as a stem. I then cut some green raffia and curled it up to make some leaves and vines for the pumpkins. The easiest way to curl the raffia is to wrap it around a pencil and hold it for a few seconds. Then glue the raffia to the pumpkins. Lastly, I gave all the pumpkins a quick once over with some spray glitter. It gave just the right amount of sparkle.

To put it all together, I attached the pumpkins to a piece of heavy duty cloth using some fun ribbon, and wrote “welcome fall” at the bottom. If, like me, you have not yet mastered basic calligraphy techniques, you can cheat and print out the words in the font you want. Then I  placed the printed paper on my cloth, and traced over it with a black permanent marker. In order to get the marker to show through, I had to press hard and go very slowly, but it gave me a nice outline so that I could finish it off with a fabric marker.

Then I glued everything down, and carefully placed it in a frame that I painted a fantastic “safari green” that I adore. Now it’s ready for display!

Fall Wreath

You can easily buy a Fall wreath at any craft store, but they tend to be very expensive, and I couldn’t find anything that I loved. They all seemed a bit overly done, so I decided to make my own. I started with a grapevine wreath base in the sunburst shape. I felt like this gave it more visual interest. Depending on the size and the discount of your coupon, you should be able to get the base for about $10. I then bought some fall leaves and a few fall picks consisting of pumpkins, Indian corn, and berries. Again, depending on the discount, each one will cost about $1.50.

Then I just arranged them and glued them the way that I liked them. I experimented with putting decorations all the way around the wreath, but I loved the minimalist, asymmetrical feel that I came up with. I added a shimmery ribbon bow and some patterned ribbon to hang it. After I purchased the supplies, the whole project only took about half an hour!

Thankful Banner

Lastly, I made a burlap “Thankful” banner. It is ridiculously easy, and looks so amazing when finished. Cut some triangle shapes out of burlap, and then stencil the letters of whatever saying you choose on the burlap. You can use store bought stencils, or you can make your own using a Silhouette or other cutter. If you are very brave, you can also hand letter them.

These letters were stenciled using white craft paint. Then connect the letters using a beautiful Fall ribbon glued to the burlap. I particularly love this gold leaf ribbon that you can find at Walmart. And that’s it! Your home will look lovely and festive with this banner.

Happy Fall, Y’all, and Happy Crafting!