DIY Farm Fresh Sign

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Crafts, Decorations | 0 comments

Here is another amazing Daily DIY for all of you DIYers to tackle. This is something that goes well with my home, as I tend to like rustic or farm decorations. Check it out!

Supplies Needed

Step 1. Take off the backing on the unfinished wood plaque/frame

The back of your wood frame should come off pretty easily. For this project, we will be modifying the parts of the frame separately.

An unfinished wood pallet plaque from Michael's

A wood frame and wood backing separated


Step 2. Stain the frame

Using your dark walnut stain and a paint brush, coat the frame on every surface. Allow to dry completely.

Minwax dark walnut stain


Using a paint brush to stain the frame dark walnut

A wood frame that was stained with dark walnut sitting on a workbench


Step 3. Paint the backing of the frame

Take a paintbrush and your antique white paint and paint the entire wood backing of the frame white.

Antique white paint and a wood frame back

A woman paints the wood back of the frame antique white


Step 4. Print off FARM FRESH lettering and secure with tape

In a word processor on your computer such as Microsoft Word, type out your FARM FRESH lettering. I used the font called “Nashville” and made the letters all caps. This will take multiple sheets of paper, so don’t be afraid if it doesn’t fit on one sheet. Center the FARM FRESH lettering on the wood plaque backing and get it in a spot that works for you. Take some of your scotch tape and secure the paper so that it won’t move.

FARM FRESH on printer paper


Step 5. Trace over your FARM FRESH lettering

Using your pen, trace over the lettering using enough pressure to leave indentations of the letters in the wood.

FARM FRESH lettering secured with tape on the wood board


Step 6. Paint the letters

Since the plan is to distress the letters a little after painting, I did not worry about getting all of the lines painted perfectly. Paint all of your letters in with your paintbrush and black paint. Allow the paint to dry and go over the letters again with a second coat of paint. Allow to dry.

Painting in the letters on a FARM FRESH sign


Step 7. Distress the lettering

Using your sandpaper, distress the lettering by starting off lightly and by gradually taking more off. There is no right or wrong answer here, so distress as much or as little as you’d like. Wipe away the sanded paint with a damp cloth.

Sandpaper being rubbed on the farm fresh sign letters

Using a damp cloth to remove the saw dust from the farm fresh sign

FARM FRESH distressed sign


Step 8. Re-insert the wood backing into the frame

Put the wood FARM FRESH sign back into the dark walnut stained frame. Spray the whole frame and board with clear sealant spray.

A wooden sign that says "Farm Fresh"