DIY Hairstyle Ideas For Little Girls

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I think the ladies are pretty happy with our work as we have presented a number of DIY accessories for makeup and also for their different hair styles. We have presented the ideas for the ladies with long hair and short hair as well. This time we are going to do something for your little fairies. Yeah your little angels, why they should stay back in it, they should also be given some charming hair dos. Here are some more DIY hairstyle ideas for little girls. I hope the little angels are just going to be excessively happy with this.

DIY Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle

This combo flower girl hair do is just perfect for any little girl especially the school going ones. You will have to arrange for a couple of accessories other that the common hair pins etc. hair beads would just do perfect, give it a try to make your girl happy.

DIY Growing Out Bangs

This growing out bangs triple dutch braids is a nice one to try on your niece or your own daughter. You will need some hair clips along with bands and some other accessories. And the good thing about this one is that the whole details are demonstrated in picture step wise.

DIY Growing Out Bangs

DIY Details

DIY Half-French Braided Updo

Awww… this is cute I think. This seems to be inspired from the mommies hair do. This DIY half French braided updo just look amazing. This can be worn by relatively bigger girls like teens of early years. Flairs and flicks seem pretty complicated, don’t get messed up and better to go for the DIY tutorial.

DIY Braided Princess Crown

You really want to see your daughter look like a princess? Then a mere pretty charming frock isn’t all that you need. But also need to give her a hair do accordingly. And this one is I think pretty perfect for your princess.

DIY Braids Squared

This is all about twisting and shaping your flairs of hair, turning the braids and giving them certain shapes. But for this you need a certain pattern, some tools for the manipulation and some supportive accessories as well. Only then you should try this DIY braids squared hair do.

How To Locks Of Love

Little girls are always up with their own stuff like barbies and mud kitchen etc. you literally have to drag them out of all this and make them look better by taking all care of them. This time I recommend you make her try this lock of love hair do.

How To Locks Of Love

DIY Details

DIY Twisted Crown – Ballerina Bun Tutorial For Little Girls

With every next hair do, this is getting even better. You must admire the efforts of our fellow crafters and bloggers who have gathered all this worthy information for you and your kids. Now this one is adorable I think. This DIY twisted crown should be put on her next high school performance.

DIY Festive Hair for Your Little Girl

And lastly this festive hair seems to be a routine type of thing. Just away from the regular styling and braids, make her try something more attractive and eye catching. This isn’t going to takethat long and is also going to be pretty handy, just go in the detailed DIY tutorial.

DIY Triple Buns

DIY Jenn’s Fancy Pony Tail


DIY Heart Braid

DIY Heart Hair Fun for Valentine’s Day