DIY Mad Eye Moody

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Harry Potter Halloween {Mad Eye Moody}

Our family loves Harry Potter. We also love group Halloween costumes. I want to share with you some of our DIY Harry Potter costumes that are fast, easy, and inexpensive. Harry Potter loving families can’t go wrong with these!


Of all the Harry Potter costumes that I have put together over the years (and its A LOT), one accessory has gotten the most rave reviews… Mad Eye’s fake eye! I can’t even take credit for most of it because I got the idea from this awesome Mad Eye Instructable by KaptinScarlet. If you want the full tutorial, head over there, but I will share with you how I went about creating it and how I modified it slightly with materials I had on hand. It turned out phenomenal and is definitely a showstopper. 

Start by finding a plastic lid that is the right size to cover an eye and will fit a ping pong ball in it. I chose the lid of an apple juice container because it had grooved sides that gave it some texture. Cut out the center to form a hole for the eyeball. This was tricky because the plastic was so hard. I used an x-acto knife and carefully sawed through it. Once you have a smooth hole, paint the lid gold. I used a gold paint marker, and it started to rub off as the night went on, so perhaps spray paint would be the way to go.


Next, use your x-acto knife to cut a ping pong ball in half. Check the size of the ball with the hole in your lid and cut the ball down if needed. Now it’s time for the artist in you to come out. Paint an iris on the ball, allow it to dry, and then hot glue the “eyeball” inside of the lid.


For the leather strap, I headed to the thrift store and bought an old leather purse for $1. I cut off the straps and hot glued them to the back of the lid. Then I put a soft piece of foam over the back of the lid and the purse straps. This is the part that will touching the face, so you want to make sure that it is soft and comfortable to wear.


Lastly, I used string to tie the straps together in the back. Since the straps already had holes, I just put the strings directly through the holes. You could also use velcro, as suggested in the Instructable. I preferred the strings simply because it made it easier to adjust the size for different people to wear the eye. 


Once you have the perfect fake eye, you can put together the rest of the costume easily. If you have a brown trenchcoat in your closet, that is perfect! If not, you can easily make one using some brown fabric, or go shop the thrift stores. Finish it off with a large walking stick and some crazy hair. My son also wore a long brown soccer sock that he pulled up over his pants to make it look like a fake leg. All night long he limped around with a scowl on his face. It was perfect! 

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