DIY Merry Mail Sign

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I LOVE Christmas cards! Recently, I ran into an issue where I was receiving Christmas cards and I was running out of places to put the card. That’s when this idea came about. This sign is a fun and festive way to be able to save and cherish those wonderful Christmas cards that arrive on a yearly basis.

Supplies Needed

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Sander
  • Sandpaper (80-100 grit)
  • Damp cloth
  • “Merry Mail” print-off
  • Antique white paint
  • Black paint
  • Red paint
  • Green Paint
  • White painters pen
  • Paint brushes
  • Ribbon
  • Stapler
  • Saw
  • Clear sealant spray

Step 1. Cut and sand reclaimed wood

I cut my reclaimed wood down to 17 in. x 5.5 in using my saw. After your wood is cut to the size you want, use your sander and sandpaper to remove any splinters or debris from the wood.

A piece of reclaimed wood is cut to size

Reclaimed wood is smoothed with a sander and sandpaper

A damp cloth wipes off the dust from the reclaimed wood


Step 2. Paint the wood with Antique White paint

Using one of your larger paint brushes, paint the wood white. I chose to use one light coating since i wanted it to have a distressed look.

A strip of white paint on a piece of reclaimed wood

A little strip of paint on a piece of reclaimed wood

A piece of reclaimed wood painted white

Step 3. Take your printed “Merry Mail” letters and tape it to the board

For the “Merry Mail” letters, I went on my computer, opened a word processor and used the Magnolia Sky font. It will most likely need to be big enough cover two sheets of paper. Once you have found a good size font for your letters and have printed them, center the letters on your reclaimed wood board. I added extra Christmas lights to make it more festive. Secure the paper to the wood board.

Merry Mail printed on computer paper

Merry Mail letters taped to a reclaimed wood board


Step 4. Trace over the letters

Using a pencil or pen, trace over the letters, using enough pressure to make indentations in the wood. After you are done tracing the letters, remove the paper from the wood. You can lightly go over the indentations you made in the wood with a pencil or pen to make the lines more visible.


Using a pen to trace the Merry Mail letters onto the reclaimed wood board

Indentations in the reclaimed wood

Tracing the indentations with a pen


Step 5. Paint your letters

Now that you have a good outline of your letters and Christmas lights, it’s time to paint them. Paint them whatever color your desire. I chose to paint black letters and green and red Christmas lights. Allow the paint to dry. If needed, go over the letters and lights once more with a second coat of paint.

Painting in letters on the reclaimed wood board with a fine paint brush and black paint

Painting a green Christmas light on the reclaimed wood

Painting red on the Christmas lights

Painting a second coat on the Merry Mail reclaimed wood board

Finished painting the Merry Mail sign

Step 6. Distress the edges of the wood

I prefer a more distressed look for my DIY projects, but if you don’t like the distressed look, you can skip to the next step. Take your sandpaper and rub it against the edges of the wood to give it a nice rustic and distressed feel. Wipe away the sanded paint with your damp cloth.


Using sandpaper to distress the edges of the reclaimed wood sign

Using sandpaper to distress the edges of the reclaimed wood sign


Step 7. Spray with clear sealant and staple your ribbons on

Take your clear sealant and spray the whole sign. This will make your sign last much longer. After the sealant is dry, staple your ribbons onto your sign. This will help hang the sign up and will be a place that you can hang your Christmas cards on, hence the name “Merry Mail.”

Ribbon, a staple gun and a reclaimed wood sign sitting on a counter

Stapling ribbon onto the reclaimed wood sign

Stapling more ribbon onto the reclaimed wood sign

A reclaimed wood sign with "Merry Mail" and ribbons on it