DIY Padded Camera Bag Insert

by | Oct 9, 2018 | Crafts | 0 comments

There are many things that I love. Two of those things are photography and traveling. I feel like I am one of millions who love that combination. My family and I have traveled all over the world from Guatemala to Germany and Peru to Switzerland. The memories I have made during our travels are priceless, and it has been absolutely worth it to me to bring along my good Canon camera on our adventures.

However, keeping the camera safe is a real issue. Not only from potential thieves, but also from the various bumps and bruises that come with long-distance travels. When I backpacked through Guatemala, I literally just brought my camera bubble wrapped. (It was functional, but not easy to get out and put away. Needless to say I will never do that again, lesson learned. This fall, we are planning a trip to Italy and I wanted a way to keep my camera safe, without lugging around a bulky, ugly and obvious camera case. I am pretty crafty, so I knew that I could make something to get the job done and still be cute and inexpensive.  As a side note, we will be backpacking in Italy, so space is limited.

This is what I came up with. It is essentially, just a padded insert for any bag or purse.

Padded camera bag insert

It only took me about an hour with my sewing machine. It will be far longer if you wanted to do it by hand.

I purchased a chair foam from my local craft store and cut it up into 5 equal pieces. For this whole project I used less than ½ of a yard of fabric that I had laying around.

pieces of fabric with scissors

For Each square of foam, you will need a front and a back of the fabric. (On the main body of the insert, I used a soft felt for the inside lining to avoid scratches.)

pieces of fabric

Whatever size you choose to make the squares, the fabric needs to have at least ¼ inch all the way around as a seam allowance, or the foam will not fit inside well. Place the two pieces of fabric with the wrong side out, and sew almost all the way around the square, leaving about 3 inches on the last side.

Sewing the edges of the fabric

the edges are sewn

Carefully flip the square inside out so that the design is on the outside. Then place the foam inside the square through the hole that you left.

Depending how accurately you measured and sewed, you may need to take a minute to work the foam around to all the edges.

insert the chair foam into the fabric pouch

There are two ways that you can close the hole. The first is to do it by hand (my preferred way). Or by machine. Pin up the edge to avoid loose threads. I like to take my time on this so that you can’t really find the hole unless you are really looking for it.

Once all the squares are sewn closed, sew the edges of each square together and the bottom to create a little box. I did one additional piece to place over the lens for added security. (Ignore the loose threads that I forgot to clip!)

Finished bag with camera inside

I placed the insert into my purse along with a few other items that I would need for our trip and presto! I have a functional camera insert that will leave me with a piece of mind that my treasured equipment is safe and ready to use at a moment’s notice.