DIY Painted Mason Jar

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Crafts | 0 comments

Regular flower pots can be so boring? I mean, what’s with that plain orange color? Well, today, that’s all going to change. With these painted mason jars, your kitchen, living room, or whatever room you’d like for that matter, will have new life breathed into them.



Mason jar

Chalk paint of your choice

Paint brush

Sand paper

Spray sealant


Step 1. Paint your mason jar with the chalk paint. It is okay if the strokes look uneven since it will need 2 coats of paint. Allow to dry

supplies for the mason jar project

Painted mason jar


Step 2. Once 1st coating has dried, paint the 2nd coat on the jar. Allow to dry

second coat of paint


Step 3. Distress the words on the jar with sandpaper

Sanding off the words on the mason jar

Step 4. Use sandpaper to add a few distressed markings around the jar


Step 5. Spray mason jar with a clear sealant


Step 6. Decorate with your favorite flowers, use it to store things, etc. Mix and match with your favorite colors. Colors in pictures are cloudless blue, granite grey, antique parchment paper and cameo pink

Finished painted mason jars with flowers in them

More mason jars