DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeders

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Crafts, Gardening, Outdoor Projects | 0 comments

A pine cone bird feeder is a fun, easy project perfect for kids. These feeders will attract lots of birds and are a perfect addition to your backyard. One of the secrets to making these feeders is to get a nice, broad cone. The birds will be able to feed easier if the cone is spread out.



Pine cones


Peanut butter

Butter knives

Bird seed mix



Step 1. Attach the string to the middle of the pine cone. Leave enough string to hang it in the tree

Supplies for the pine cone bird feeder

Attach the string to the pine cone


Step 2. Spread the peanut butter onto the pine cone

spreading peanut butter onto the pine cone

cover in peanut butter


Step 3. Roll the peanut butter pine cone into a bowl with the bird seed mix

pine cone covered in bird seed


Step 4. Hang your finished pine cone bird feeder in the tree

bird feeder hanging in a tree