DIY Punch Board

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Punch Board Tutorial

Create a game that is perfect for birthdays, classrooms, and carnivals with this step by step tutorial

After trying several other examples from around the Internet with less than satisfactory results, I decided to create my own version of a Punch Board Game originally made famous on “The Price is Right.” My take on the Punch Board is completely portable, able to be reloaded quickly and easily, and inexpensive to make. It is a perfect game for birthday parties, family reunions, school classes, church groups, or carnivals. Give it a try for your next party or activity!


Tri-fold foam board 28X40

8 *Rubbermaid Takealongs Food Storage Containers, Square, 5.2 Cups

Rubber bands

Scissors, xacto knife

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Tissue Paper

*Another brand of container will work as long as it has a lip around the top to secure it to the board. I chose the 5.2 cup size because they were deep enough that you could put a fairly large prize in the container and still punch without a problem.



Start by deciding where you want your punches to be placed on your tri-fold board. They can be anywhere, but I chose to do four in the middle section and two on each side. I also left a fairly large space at the top of the board so that I could include decorations and a title for my game.

Next, trace around the container lid so that you will know where to cut. If your lid has a tab to make it easier to open, just round off the line so that it is even with all the other corners. 

Use an xacto knife to carefully cut out the holes, making sure that the containers will catch on the lips and not go all the way through.

Insert the first container and hot glue the lip of the container to the foam tri-fold board. Repeat with all containers.


View of the back of the Punch Board

For the container lid, use a pair of scissors to cut out the middle section of the lid. This is where you will punch through. You want to leave about a ½” around the outside of the lid so that is will still attach firmly. When you are done, go back and trim any sharp points on the lid so that it is as smooth as possible, then put the lids on the containers.

Your basic board is now ready to go. Feel free to decorate your game as you see fit. I created mine for use with the Primary children’s group that I get to teach at church on Sundays, hence the name “Primary Punch,” but the possibilities for use are endless.

Punch Board without the tissue paper coverings

To Use:

When you are ready to use your Punch Board Game, add your prizes or other objects to the inside of each of the containers. Cut a square piece of tissue paper that will fit over the lids with an inch or two to spare all the way around. Lay the tissue paper on the container and stretch a rubber band around the tissue paper and lid. The lip of the lid will hold the rubber band and paper in place. 

*Tip: Stretch your rubber band out in a square shape first, using two hands to hold it tight. Then with the rubber band fully extended, place it over the lid. This helps the tissue paper to not wrinkle or tear as you put it on. When you first start, it may take a few tries to get it right, but after that, it is fast and easy to re-apply the tissue paper to continue the game.

Now you are ready to go have fun! Have the “contestant” come up and softly punch through the tissue paper to retrieve what you have placed inside. My Primary children, ages 3-11, love this game. It makes every lesson more engaging and exciting. I hope you find a fun use for this Punch Board Game!