DIY Show Styles

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Step Up Your Shoe Style

Decorating your shoes quick and affordably 

You’re going out and your outfit is awesome. Your hair couldn’t be more perfectly styled. However, searching through the closet for the “perfect shoe” you look in disgust at a pile of boring black, brown and grey shoes. Sure those colors “go with anything” but you’re still not sold on using any of the dull shoes in your closet.  Dressing up a shoe can be simple, quick, and affordable. Take those old shoes in the closet from drab to fab with a few ideas to add color, and variety to your shoes. [Note: most of these ideas work best with fabric or canvas shoes]

This is the pair of shoes that I altered in a few different ways.


Lace is the essence of elegance. It is simple and at the same time extraordinary. Adding a little to the front of these grey flats has taken these dull shoes to the next level now they are functional and fancy. Sewn onto the lace are some beads to give a little extra color. This lace was hand sewn on in about 10 minutes. How is that for fast and easy?



Beads, depending upon size, color and shape can add a lot of personality to a shoe. Bright colors can add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. These beads were also hand sewn in about 5 minutes.


Bows are cute and fun. They add a little extra flourish to compliment any style. This bow was sewn together and then sewn to the front of the shoe.


Some shoe alterations may require more drastic measures. For those situations, grab some fabric paint to make what you need. This step may be a little intimidating, but the results can really pay off. In addition to the paint, three beads were sewn on to accessorize the shoe.

For more extravagant shoes, try putting a lace doily over the shoe and spray painting them.

Voila! The perfect shoe can be made right in your own home.