DIY Hedwig

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Harry Potter Halloween {Hedwig}

Our family loves Harry Potter. We also love group Halloween costumes. The two go perfectly together! In the next few posts, I want to share with you some of our diy Harry Potter costumes that are fast, easy, and inexpensive. Harry Potter loving families can’t go wrong with these!


Group costumes are not only a great way to bond, but also a fun way to get everyone involved, especially if older children or adults might not be interested in participating otherwise. Today, I wanted to share my take on Hedwig. Hedwig is, of course, Harry’s pet snowy owl. She is one of his first friends and his constant connection to the wizarding world. With a bit of sewing experience, a few yards of fabric, and about an hour of time, you can make the cutest owl around.


Supplies Needed:

~1.5 yards of white fleece (depending on the size you are making)

Tissue paper (to make a pattern)

Felt in 5 colors (white, light gray, dark gray, tan, and orange)

Sewing machine and thread

Hot glue gun



My sister-in-law and I made this costume using a hooded sweatshirt my son already had as the pattern. To create your own pattern, lay out the sweatshirt and use some tissue paper to trace the various pieces. Trace the front of the sweatshirt, adding a little bit of length to the bottom and remembering to include seam allowances. You will cut out two of these for the front and back of your costume.


For the sleeves, you will trace the length of the arm, and where it connects to the shoulder of the shirt. To create the wing look, you can then draw a straight line down from the armpit the same length as the body of the shirt. Now draw straight lines from the end of the sleeve and the bottom of the shirt to make a right angle. This will help you visualize the angle that you want the wing. From there, you can draw a scalloped wing to connect the two points. We just eyeballed the scallops. You can see the method more clearly in the pattern drawing below. When you are cutting your fabric, you will place the sleeve pattern on the fold and cut 2 wings.


For the hood pattern, fold the original hood in half and trace the basic shape of the hood onto your tissue paper. Again, you will cut 2 pieces. After you have the basic shapes for your pattern, make sure that you add a seam allowance to all pieces. Since this is just a costume, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just do your best!

These are the basic shapes that you should get from your patterns

Now, sew the pieces together. If you have any experience making clothing, this goes together just like a normal shirt would.

  • Sew the front and back together at the shoulders (right sides together).
  • Sew on the sleeves, and then tuck in the “wing portion” between the front and back pieces. Sew straight down the side, leaving the arm hole open.
  • Sew the 2 hood pieces (right sides together) and then attach the hood to the main shirt.
  • Lastly, you can top stitch the wings together up until the main arm hole. We just left a raw edge the last 4 inches or so. Working with fleece is super forgiving. 

The wing construction


You can also fold over and top stitch the collar area to make it more finished and then add a finished edge to the bottom of the shirt. The beautiful thing about this costume is that it will be warm and comfortable for your little one to wear. 

Layering of the feathers


After the sewing portion is complete, decorate your owl! Since Hedwig is a snowy owl, I wanted the majority of the costume to be white, but I also wanted some visual interest. I chose to do feathers in white with some light gray and dark gray mixed it. Cut a bunch of feathers out of felt and start layering them on using hot glue to attach the tops of the feathers. 


Lastly, create your owl face on the top of the hood using the remainder of the felt. Remember to make big eyes to give it the owl look. 

Your child is going to love “flying” around in this Hedwig costume. Stay tuned for some more Harry Potter inspired costumes in the coming days.