DIY Sheet Music Holder

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No matter the instrument you play, the same problem persists with each musician young and old, novice or professional. The problem is how to organize your sheet music. The internet is a wonderful resource to purchase and download individual songs as opposed to purchasing a large songbook that you only needed for 3 songs.

However, those pieces can become a real annoyance to manage. One quick option is to just put them into sheet protectors and then into a 3-ring binder. This method works just fine, but personally, I really dislike having to turn the page while I am trying to play. Another option is to create a music clip holder.

I prefer have all the pages loose, then I can avoid the struggle of flipping pages. This is a method for organizing your sheet music that is fast and easy that keeps my hands away from the pages that need turning and on the piano keys where they belong. The same could be said for other musicians who have music stands.


  • Scotch Tape
  • Manilia file folders (Color options are available)
  • Double-Sided Tape (Optional for larger songs)

Here I have one of my favorite pieces to play which extends to three separate sheets of paper. (Note: I blocked out the name of the song on purpose)



Then, tape all the sheets together one after another. I taped the pages in the front and the back for extra durability, but one strip of tape on the front or the back of the page should be enough to handle the amount of stress placed on them


Here is the music all taped together. The next step is to attach it to the manila file folder. If you wanted to be lazy you don’t need to attach it at all, but since we are discussing organization techniques, let’s be thorough.





Depending how long the music is will depend on where you would want to tape it. On 3-page pieces I usually attach it to the file folder on the crease of the second and third page. For 2 pages right on the crease between the two pages. For 4+ it all comes down to preference of how you expect to view all the pages. Some people can have 5 pages in front of them without an issue. I on the other hand have difficulty doing that.


The other handy part of using manila folders is that there is a perfect little tab to write the name of the music for added ease during the organizing.


Fold the music like an accordion and it will fit nicely into the folder.
Now you are ready to practice your music. You can keep the music in a basic file box that are made to fit manila folders.


If your songs are longer than about 4 pages, then you could still try taping the crease of the second to last and the last page to the manila folder and then just do not unfold the accordion and you can put double sided tape between the pages so that you can turn the page just as you would a book.

Happy practicing!