DIY Scented Pine Cones

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I know that around my house, a scented candle or a fresh scent is always helpful. With lots of kids running around, there is bound to be something smelly in the house. To help combat the issue and freshen up the house, I created some DIY scented pine cones. These pine cones are super easy to make and the scent can be long-lasting. If you’re home is in need of a fresher scent, you’ll want to try this project.

Supplies Needed

  • Pine cones
  • Essential oil, scent of your choice
  • Ziplock bag
  • Baking sheet
  • Tin foil
  • Oven

Step 1. Clean your pine cones

If you bought pine cones from the store, move on to step 2. If you gathered your pine cones yourself, chances are there is dirt that needs to be cleaned off of them. Rinse the pine cones under water, then let them sit in the sink in about 3 inches of water. This will get rid of the dirt or bugs that might still be clinging to the pine cones.


A sink with 3 inches of water. Pine cones float in the water.

Step 2. Bake the pine cones

Take the tin foil and line the baking sheet. Place the pine cones on the baking sheet, spacing them evenly apart. Bake at 300 degrees for 30 minutes.

Pine cones on top of a tinfoil lined baking sheet.

Step 3. Place a few drops of essential oil onto the pine cones

The nice thing about this project is that you can use whatever scent of essential oil you’d like. For me, I love a nice cinnamon smell, so I used a cinnamon essential oil, bringing a nice warm scent to my home. Being careful not to get any on your hands, place a few drops of essential oil on each pine cone.

Cinnamon essential oil

Dropping cinnamon essential oil on pine cones

Step 4. Put pine cones in a ziplock back

Take all of the pine cones and place them into a ziplock bag, leaving it in the bag for at least 24 hours. If you want to increase the intensity of the scent, leave the pine cones in the bag for longer than 24 hours.

Pine cones in a ziplock bag

Pine cones in a ziplock bag


That’s it! Easy right? These should last several weeks, but if you need to make the scent stronger, repeat the process over again as many times as you’d like.

DIY Scented Pine Cones