“O Holy Night” Reclaimed Wood Christmas Sign

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As Christmas approaches, I will be posting more Christmas and holiday themed DIY projects and crafts, so check back often! This awesome Christmas craft is simple to make and makes a beautiful nativity scene that you can hang or set on your hearth or counter.


Supplies Needed

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Sander
  • Sand paper
  • Saw
  • Vinyl nativity scene
  • Dark walnut stain
  • Paint brush
  • Clear coat sealant
  • Damp rag
  • Pencil


Step 1. Cut your reclaimed wood to size

The idea here is that you will want to leave a couple of inches on each side of your vinyl nativity. The easiest thing to do is to take your nativity and place it on your reclaimed wood board to use as a measurement. Make a pencil mark on each side of the nativity, about two inches from the far edges.

A reclaimed wood board

Cutting the wood board down to size

A reclaimed wood board cut to the proper size


Step 2. Sand your reclaimed wood

After you’ve cut your wood to the proper size, it’s time to sand it. Take your sander and sandpaper, and sand the board smooth. This will get rid of any paint, if any, and make it easy to stain the wood. After you’ve sanded the wood board down, wipe the board with a damp cloth to remove any wood dust.

A wood sander on a reclaimed wood board

Sanded down reclaimed wood board

Using a rag to wipe down the wood board


Step 3. Stain the reclaimed wood

Using your dark walnut stain and paintbrush, stain the entire surface of the board. Make sure that you don’t miss any spots, especially around the edges. Allow to dry completely.

Minwax dark walnut stain and paint brush

Wood stain on a board


Step 4. Place the nativity on the reclaimed wood board

Now that you have your board sanded and stained, it’s time to place your vinyl nativity. There isn’t really a right or a wrong with placement here. I decided to put Jesus in the manger in the middle with everybody else surrounding Him.

3 vinyl letters on the wood board

Vinyl lettering on the stained wood board

Vinyl nativity on a dark walnut stained board


Step 5. Spray with clear sealant

Now that your “O Holy Night” vinyl has been placed, spray the whole board with clear sealant. Allow to dry completely.

O Holy Night Christmas Sign

There you have it! For more DIY home decor crafts, click here.