DIY Mason Jar Spice/Herb Dispenser

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Food, Gardening | 0 comments

If you’re anything like us, the spices you have in your cupboard can annoy you. Why? They all have different designs and labels and they are not something that you can showcase to your house guests. Enter the DIY Mason Jar spice or herb dispenser. Creating your own containers will allow you to curate the look of your kitchen and give your spice cabinet the face lift it needs. You will love this project because it is incredibly simple. There are only two steps:

  1. Save your Parmesan cheese lids, all of them fit regular mouth Mason Jars
  2. Open the lids and spray paint your lids the desired color. Allow them to dry completely. We use Rust-oleum Hammered for an antique look

Parmesan Cheese

parmesan cheese lids

spray painted lids

mason jar spice jar

Mason Jar Spice and Herb Dispensers

That’s it. Seriously. Whether you place them in your cabinets or you place them for everyone to see, you will have a good looking and extremely functional solution for storing and sprinkling your herbs or spices.