DIY Reclaimed Wood Tiered Strawberry Planter

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Gardening, Outdoor Projects | 0 comments

Supplies Needed

  • Reclaimed wood cut to size
    • Four 32 in. long pieces
    • Four 24 in. long pieces
    • Four 17 in. long pieces
  • Finishing nails
  • Drill
  • Drill bit 7/64
  • Hammer
  • Potting soil
  • Strawberry plants


Step 1. Measure your reclaimed wood and cut to size

For this project, we used old fencing boards and cut them to size. If you wanted to, you could also buy brand new wood fencing to use with this project. Either will do for this strawberry planter project. Take your wood boards and cut them to the right sizes. You’re going to need four 32 in. long pieces, four 24 in. long pieces and four 17 in. long pieces.

Reclaimed wood from old fencing boards

Using a skilsaw to cut the wood into the proper sizes


Step 2. Make the 3 boxes

Take the four pieces of wood that were cut to 32 in. lengths and line the edges up to create a box. Use the drill to pre-drill holes to prevent splitting the wood. Once you have pre-drilled holes in each board, nail the boards together using the holes that you just drilled. Repeat these same steps for each length of wood boards.

Drilling holes into the reclaimed wood

Hammering nails into the pre drilled holes


Step 3. Attach each tier together

This next step can be a bit tricky, so be sure to take your time with it. The whole idea with this project is to have the largest box on bottom, and the smallest box on top. Take a pencil and mark the exact halfway point on each of the four sides of your large and medium sized boxes. Once you have marked the four halfway points, drill holes where the marks have been made. Take your finishing nails and place them upside down inside of the holes you just drilled. Place your medium box on top of the large box, with the corners of the medium box resting on the halfway points of the large box. Gently hammer the medium box onto the large box. Repeat the same steps for the small box.

Drilling holes into the wood

Somebody holding a finishing nail

A finishing nail inserted into the drilled hole

Placing a box on top of a box

Hammering a box on top of a box

The three tiered boxes put together


Step 4. Fill the planter with soil

Now that you have the planters assembled, you’re ready to fill them with soil. Take your potting soil and evenly distribute it around each box. Fill each box until the soil is about 1 in. from the top.

A strawberry planter filled with dirt


Step 5. Plant the strawberries

Take your strawberry plants and plant them in each level of the planter. Once you have planted the strawberries, you’re finished!

Strawberries planted in a reclaimed wood tiered strawberry planter

Be sure to water your strawberry plants at least every day. If you want your garden to thrive check out some of our top featured fertilizer.