Prepping your Lawn For Fall

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Prepping Your Lawn for Fall

A few reminders and tips for keeping your lawn beautiful in the fall and able to rebound quickly in the spring

Here are some ways to get your lawns ready for the fall. My entire life at this point is about lawns. I work currently as a professional lawn care technician, plus I have a bachelor’s degree in plant and soil science as well as a few years of work in research agriculture. I see dozens of lawns each day and I have gotten to know a thing or two about them. Soon, I will complete another blog post about autumn tree care. But until then, here are a few tidbits on fall lawn prep with a few of the pictures I took while out on the job.

Frosted Grass

Early in the morning frost will be covering the grass as it gets cooler. It is important to not tread on the grass while there is frost on the lawn. This will break the grass blades leaving footprints where you step. Save your mowing for later in the day when the grass will remain intact.

According to Eagle wood Homes in Boise, the yard and areas around the home are one of the top four factors in creating a perception of a high home value.


In the fall it is imperative to put on a good fertilizer. This will give the lawn a huge boost for the winter and the following spring. It may seem somewhat confusing because the lawn is on its way to dormancy. It is important to apply what is called a slow release fertilizer. This type of fertilizer must go through weather processes in order to degrade enough to become available to the turf. This will provide the lawn with ample nutrients when the lawn is ready to emerge from dormancy to help it green up as soon as possible in the springtime. On a side note, make sure that the lawn is moist before applying fertilizer. If herbicide is applied at the same time wait 24 hours before watering. If herbicide is not applied, water the lawn as soon as possible to get the fertilizer into the root zone.


So many people get a little jumpy when it comes to prepping for fall and neglect their lawns by not mowing it or letting weeds overrun their property. Keeping the weeds down will greatly aid the springtime rejuvenation of the lawn. Also, do not let the weeds go to seed or you will face more issues.  Dandelions are a huge problem in lawns, and what most people do not realize is that these weeds are perennials. This is important because without some form of weed control they will return year after year causing all sorts of crazy havoc.


Keep an eye on the weather and as soon as the temperature is consistently low don’t forget to blow out the sprinklers before the frost gets down into the soil to break the sprinkler lines. But don’t turn them off too early because it might make the lawn go into dormancy too early and not give it enough time to store energy form the leaves to the roots. Be mindful of the weather and your lawn will thank you.

Thinking Ahead

What will you need for next year? Do you have grubs? If so, you will need to think about getting a preventative treatment.

Grub damage

Do you have crabgrass? That will also need a preventative treatment in the spring.

This is a picture of crabgrass infestation. Crabgrass only lives one year so when it dies in the fall it leaves dead patches where the grass died.

If you have questions, most lawn care companies will come out to do free estimates and evaluations of your lawn. Good luck this fall and stay tuned for the upcoming post about fall tree care.