Milk Can Upcycle

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I recently scored an awesome deal on some old milk cans! The only problem was is that they were green and red, and I prefer the natural rustic look of milk cans. After doing some research, I came up with a great way to upcycle old metal milk cans to give them an awesome rustic look. Heres what you will need:


  • Old metal milk can
  • Rust-oleum satin nickel spray paint primer
  • Paint-in-one
  • White paint
  • Antique copper paint
  • Black paint
  • Two paint brushes


Step 1. Clean off your milk can and spray paint silver

If you’re milk can is anything like mine, it will need a bit of TLC before you begin painting. Simply clean off the milk can to remove any dirt or debris. Once it’s cleaned off, spray paint the entire can with your silver Rust-oleum satin nickel spray paint. Be sure to cover the can completely, leaving no bare spots. Allow to dry completely.

A green old fashioned metal milk can

Rust-oleum metallic satin nickel spray paint

A metal milk can spray painted silver


Step 2. Lightly paint the can with white paint

Take your white paint and lightly paint around the can. The technique for painting you will use is called dry brushing. Dry brushing is a technique that paints the surface in an uneven way that creates an aged look. This is done by dipping your brush in the paint and wiping away all excess paint before brushing it on the to the milk can. Click here for a great guide on how to dry brush. Allow to dry

Dabbing a paint brush in white paint

Wiping the excess paint onto a lid

Dry brushing the milk can with white paint

Silver milk can with white dry brushed paint


Step 3. Paint the can with copper and black paint

Mix together equal parts antique copper and black paint on a plate. The idea is to add some paint that looks like rust, but to make it look natural.

Mixing copper and black paint

Added a rustic color to the milk can

DIY Upcycled Rustic Milk Can


There you have it! You should now have a rustic upcycled milk can to decorate your home with. This upcycled milk can be a great patio decoration, giving your home a nice rustic feel. Click here for more DIY home decor projects.