DIY Pallet Chicken Coop Run

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Outdoor Projects, Pallet Projects | 0 comments

Sprucing up your home and yard can add tons of benefits, besides just being easy on the eyes. In fact, Winter Garden, FL Realtor Tania Matthews estimates that outbuildings and consistent improvement to the property can add an additional 29% to your home’s value at selling time. This can be the difference between breaking even on your investment and having extra spending money in your pocket!

So on that note, get ready for another awesome DIY pallet project folks! Who doesn’t love fresh eggs for breakfast? I know I sure do, so today, we will show you how to make a chicken coop run out of wooden pallets.

Supplies: 3-4 large pallets, chicken wire, staple gun and staples, door handle, door hinges, 1x6x8 wood, shovel, nail gun and nails, door lock/bolt

  1. Find large pallets, roughly 3ft. by 5 ft. We found ours at our local Sears outlet store for FREE!
  2. Take off any extra wood pieces or nails

3. Attach chicken wire to the inside of your pallet with a stapler

4. Dig a deep trench, about 8 inches deep and a square the size of the chicken coop run. We started with one side and worked our way around so we knew how long each one needed to be.

5. Once you dig your trench, place your 1×6 board in the trench to help prevent animals trying to dig into your chicken coop run.

6. Place your pallet with chicken wire on the inside of the run on top of the 1×6 board. We tried to have the pallet 1-2 inches underground so we could tamp it with soil to make it sturdier. **Our chicken coop run was a little longer than our pallet so we buried it a few inches underground for extra protection.

7. Once one side is done, do the next side and connect the two pallets together with a nail gun. Make sure you have long enough nails to go through both pallets. Finish off by doing the same thing to the third side and nailing the pallets together.

8. We added a door by taking apart another pallet and making it into a frame. Again, we attached the chicken wire to the inside of the pallet door frame and attached it with hinges. We added a wooden handle that we found at a local thrift shop to make it easier to open.

9. Attach a lock or bolt to the door.

10. For the roof, we added a few boards from some extra pallet pieces to add support. We then laid chicken wire on top of the roof and stapled the sides down and stapled it to the extra support.

There you have it! A fully functional chicken coop run with a locking door. You can comfortably have about 10-12 chickens in your chicken coop, any more than that and it can get a little bit crowded.