How to Disassemble a Wood Pallet

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Pallet Projects | 0 comments

Here on, I post plenty of pallet projects. With projects ranging from pallet scarecrows to benches made from pallets, I have a huge number of awesome projects that use a pallet for materials. I have received requests from lots of our visitors lately to do a tutorial on how to disassemble a wood pallet. So, without further ado, here is how you take a pallet apart.

You will only need 3 supplies. Obviously, you need a pallet first. Next you need a Skilsaw and a hammer.

Step 1.

Using the Skilsaw, cut the pallet along the inside edge of the stringer boards, or the pieces of wood that run vertical between the wood slats. By cutting these boards, you will lose an inch or two of length but it makes it much easier to pry the boards apart and there will be less breakage.



Step 2.

Use the backside of the hammer, or the “claw”, to pry the pallet boards from the middle stringer board. The middle stringer board is the board that ties all of the pallet boards together in the middle. If needed, use another hammer to work your way under the pallet boards from both sides.

Step 3.

Turn the pallet boards over and hammer the pointy end of the nail down. Hammer the nail out of the board just enough so you can get the claw of the hammer underneath the nail head. Pull all of the nails out.



Step 4.

Hammer and pry all of the nails out of the pallet boards. Once you have done that, you’re done! Now you have plenty of pallet boards that are ready for your next DIY project.